Our Story

Many people have served in the military and made sacrifices for their country some more than others.  As a 25 year retired military veteran Joe Conti had been to Iraq, and Afghanistan and spent many days away from home.  He was fortunate enough to retire without injury but not everyone was as fortunate.  So in order to give back and honor those who served he started Sea Adventure Crusade (SAC).  SAC’s mission is to provided our countries injured veterans and Gold Star families the opportunity to relax, re-bond and recuperate with their loved ones while experiencing the love boating and the water bring to anyone who sails out to sea. 

The motto of SAC’s founder is Tranquillo Nauigamus which means “tranquil waters”; and through boating SAC hopes to continue to provide opportunities for these heroes and their families to relax and experience life through a venue they may not have the opportunity to do prior.

Regardless of the reason away from family it would always put an increased stress and burden on his wife and kids.  However, the one thing which consistently allowed them to bond as a family after these long stays away was to return and spend time aboard the family boat.  When they unmoored from the dock for a trip any stress the family felt would be left on the dock while Joe and his family could focus on the safety of boating and the joy of feeling the water spray up on their face. 

How did we decide to call it Sea Adventure Crusade.  Joe wanted to express the deep sense of love he has for his wife who for over 20 years sacrificed and took care of the family at home.  The best way he thought to do this was by starting Sea Adventure Crusade or (SAC) which is the initials of his wife.